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What about those 4. For any object to accelerate, there must be a net force acting on that object. The same thing applies to a jacked-up Wrangler YJ on 37 inch tires trying to get up a steep rock. To get the vehicle to move over the obstacle, those tires need to be able to transmit force to the rock so that the rock can then produce a reactionary force that pushes the car up and over the obstacle. Maximizing that force has been the goal of off-road enthusiasts since the beginning of time.

Probably the brand that most likes to boast about its off-road cred is Jeep. What truly matters is how much force your tire tread can apply against the ground surface.

Why Is Final Drive Ratio Important? Accelerate Faster!

Of course, a bigger crawl ratio helps you get more force to the ground, but there are other factors in play like tire size and engine torque. It represents how many times your engine torque is multiplied before it gets to the place where the actual propulsion occurs.

In other words, each time engine power is sent through a gear reduction in the transmission, transfer case, and differentialthe output speed is lower than the input speed, but the output torque is higher. So, how do we figure out how much more torque is at the wheels than at the flywheel? By multiplying engine torque by the gear ratios in the three gear sets, we can arrive at a crawl ratio. In equation form:. A Jeep Cherokee has an AW4 4-speed automatic transmission with the following gear ratios first through fourth : 2.

The Jeep is equipped with an NP transfer case with a 2. To calculate the crawl ratio, simply multiply the shortest transmission gear ratio the one that multiplies the torque most, i. By comparison, the new Wrangler Rubicon with a manual transmission has a first gear ratio of 4.

This equates to an enormous crawl ratio of 73!

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Photo credit: Jeep. But crawl ratio, by itself, means very little without mentioning engine torque. The crawl ratio of 27 we calculated above for the XJ is perfectly sufficient because the 4. And we know that torque at the wheels is simply the crawl ratio multiplied by engine torque. So, for the XJ, at idle in low range:. If my XJ had the anemic 2. This is why four cylinder XJs came with 4.The stock 3.

As you increase the size of the tires you effectively raise your gear ratio. If you make your gear ratio lower, it multiplies engine torque.

The more effective torque you have, the easier it will be to crawl up obstacles. The whole idea behind lowering your gear ratio as you increase tire size is to maintain the effective drive ratio of a stock XJ Cherokee.

Below is a handy chart that can be used as a guideline when decided your gear ratio. You can also use the equation of stock tire height times stock gear ratio all divided by your desired tire size. Gear Ratio For Inch Tires. A good gear for an AW4 automatic with inch tires is a 4.

Both of these will keep you around the stock drive ratio. Personally, we think the 4. Fortunately, most automatic XJs have 3. For inch tires, the stock gearing is really going to struggle. A good gear ratio for the AW4 automatic running inch tires is 4. Part of the reason we recommend 4. You can make narrow width axles work, but you better get used to swapping axles shafts.

At the inch tire size, your XJ will basically be un-driveable on the street. Depending on what axles your Jeep has, your gear selection may be limited. The Jeep in the photo below is running 5. If your Jeep is just a stock 4. Below is a chart that can be used as a guideline for what combos are good.

aw4 first gear ratio

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aw4 first gear ratio

More Stories. Everything Off Road in your inbox.Google Maps. View Larger Map. Gearing T18 - First Gear - 4. Gearing NV - First Gear - 6. Iron case and top cover.

aw4 first gear ratio

Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in third-gear. Fairly strong and extremely compact. Compatible with the Dana 18 and easily adaptable to the Dana Electronic control, via its own computer or an integrated PCM.

Aluminum alloy case with non-integral bellhousing. Moderate strength. Aluminum case and top cover. Close-ratio first gear with direct-drive in forth gear. Stronger than the base-option transmissions during this era.

Compatible with the Dana Make - Tremec Ford Length - Make - Tremec Ford Length - 9. Close-ratio first gear and direct-drive in fourth gear. Neither strong, nor suited to conversions or serious off-road use. Make - Borg Warner Length - 9. T4 Aluminum case and top cover. T5 Close-ratio first gear and overdrive in fifth gear. Deep first gear with direct-drive in fourth gear. Brutally strong, but refined for road and trail manners.

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Adaptable to essentially all of the Jeep transfer cases. Aluminum case. Decently low first gear with overdrive in fifth-gear, Surprisingly tough. Make - Aisin Length - Extremely strong, but quite roadworthy. Deep first gear with direct-drive in fourth. Extremely strong, but with good road and trail operation.

Make - Borg Warner Length - Self-shifting hydraulic control.Use our gear ratio calculator to find the changes to gear ratio when going to a different tire size. Both the effective and new gear ratios are calculated.

Use our gear ratio calculator to find the effective gear ratio your vehicle will have with a new tire size. Also calculated is the new gearing you would need in order to return back to your original gear ratio when going to a bigger or smaller tire. Input your stock and new tires sizes along with your original gear ratio. Click "Calculate" to find your new effective gear ratio and the gear ratio needed to return your vehicle back to stock gearing. Changing tire size will ultimately affect the power and drivability of your vehicle.

If you are looking to retain your stock feel or change your gearing to the optimal ratio, then you will need this gear ratio chart to do so. Using the chart, first cross reference your current gear ratio and tire diameter to find your approximate RPM at 65 MPH. Then reference your new tire diameter with your choice of RPM to find the new gear ratio needed to supply you with that RPM.

This chart is based on a drive gear of at 65 MPH using a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions will run a slightly higher RPM do to slippage. If you are using the calculated diameter, multiply that number by. If you are measuring your tire, measure from flat ground up to the center of the hub and multiply that number by 2.

Gear Ratio 2. Tire Size Tools. Tire Categories. Popular Sizes.Its only year in the ZJ Grand Cherokee wasand only with the six-cylinder.

Aisin-Warner AW4 Transmission

The AW4 is a light to medium-duty transmission. Ours, our callers', and customers' experiences with the AW4 are less than stellar. They have a tendency to generate excessive amounts of heat, and are known for unnecessarily consuming more engine power than some other automatics.

The shift points in the AW4 feel odd, and the spotty engagment of the lockup torque converter is idiosyncratic. But it is a decent transmission, and if kept cool and maintained it can offer good service within its range. The AW4 has a removable bellhousing with a port for the crank position sensor.

The case is smaller in diameter than most automatics, and features cast-in ribbing down the rear half of the case. The earlier Jeep AW4 has a 21 spline output shaft for connecting to the transfer case input shaft. With the release of the HO 4. The AW4 is an electronically controlled transmission, and is therefore compatible only with the 4.

GM We do not offer any conversion from this transmission to V6 or V8 power. The customer's efforts and funds may best be spent converting to a stronger transmission during the engine upgrade.

Gear Ratio Calculator

This is not a difficult thing at all and these details are discussed in the following articles:. Jeep Dana Model T90 to the Emissions Fuel Economy Conversions, Rules vs.

Welcome Guest: Login or Register. The AW4 and the 2. They recieved 4. The transmission case and internals were identical to the 4. Thanks to J.

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Janisko for this information.This section is all about Jeeps. An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad. Trailering Safety and Trailer Hitch Information. Installing 23, Volt Offroad Lights. What are HID Lights? Warn i Winch Installation. Let our Geeks help you Teraflex Tera Low 20 for the Dana 20 Installation. Tera Low 20 for the Dana Warn Xi Winch Installation. Jeep V8 Swap Tips. The Exploding Clutch. Radiator Protection using 6 bucks worth of material. Cracked Under Pressure - Fixing a smashed fingernail.

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A Cheap, effective alternative to undercoating. Home-built Saginaw Gearbox Brace for the cost of lunch! At some point, the AW changed from a 0. For this reason, if you are planning a swap you should try to keep the same year wiring harness and computer. Simple HTML for this page here. Jeep Rubicon Unlimited Articles and Reviews. Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns. Tellico North Carolina. Thousands more photos here.?The label business offers numerous solutions that will reduce the environmental footprint of the end-product, which everyone agrees is a positive thing.

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