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Creative My attempt at a Modern Warfare Trailer v. Video Thank god that's over :D v. Bug Uhhh dude, I'm pretty sure you're fine. It could be an optional default version, or a camo. They look awesome and are on very few weapons. Video Have you guys played the new Shipment rework?

It's Amazing!!! Video A few close calls but laid down enough PP slaps to finally get the Nuke v. Video They call me The Avenger v. Question Kar98 black triangle reticle question self. Gameplay I decided to troll on HC search and use the rytec and shockingly hit this v. Question Theoretical biggest possible collateral with a sniper? Video A while back, finishing the grind v. Video My best play ever v. Gameplay When you turn them on I mean turn on them.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Join the Call of Duty Discord! Rules For full descriptions and examples, visit our Rules wiki. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.Looking to create a new Warzone loadout for your favourite gun? You've come to the right place.

We'll go through all the attachments you'll need for each loadout, and why these particular combinations make these weapons some of the very best weapons Warzone has yet seen. It's actually very easy to obtain your own preset loadout in a Warzone match. All you need to do is find or buy a Loadout Drop. Loadout Drops will spawn periodically throughout a match, and you'll be notified on-screen when one is landing nearby.

Cash really isn't difficult to come by, and it's well worth buying multiple supply drops over the course of a match so you can mix and match top-tier primary weapons without the need for the Overkill Perk.

Just make sure you customise your loadouts how you want them between matches, or you'll be stuck choosing between the distressingly suboptimal default loadouts. Attachments for a weapon must be unlocked by earning kills with that weapon across any game mode in Warzone, Cold War, or Modern Warfare - and this includes the warm-up time before matches in Warzone, so get killing!

From this hub page, you can find links to our growing list of individual best Warzone loadout pages. In each guide, you'll also find detailed, up-to-date and accurate stats on every weapon. Take a look at our list of guides below! Reliable, powerful, and highly customisable, the M4A1 is capable of winning fights both at fairly close ranges and verging on sniper distances.

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There are lots of different M4 class guides and setups out there, but we believe we've found the best so far for. The Groza is an absolute treat from the get go, acting somewhat similarly to the Grau 5. Going for Ghost?

Just chuck a Diamatti on there. Check out our Best Groza Warzone loadout guide for a full lowdown of our favourite Groza class. The Kilo bears many similarities to the M4A1 and the Grau, and so it makes sense that all three weapons are constantly vying for the top spot in the Warzone Assault Rifles tier list. The Kilo lacks the rate of fire of the M4, but makes up for it with better range stats and extremely low recoil, along with some truly amazing magazine attachments.

Head straight to our Best Kilo loadout in Warzone guide to see how we've put together the deadliest possible Kilo class. The SP-R turned a lot of heads at the start of Season 6. Much like the FiNN, it arrived on the scene and quickly took the wind out of the sails of the previous favourite gun in its class, with almost all of the SP-R 's stats beating out those of the Kar98k. With low bullet drop and great damage and handling stats, you've got the great base from which to create a truly terrifying DMR loadout.

Check out our Best SP-R loadout in Warzone guide for information on the best possible loadout for this new Warzone gun. The HDR has always been the dominant sniper rifle in Warzone thanks to its extremely high potential bullet velocity, which makes each shot more or less hitscan. While a little more sluggish than its main rival, the AX, the powerful HDR has seen us to victory many times before, and it's thanks in no small part to the below loadout. The JAK is the latest shotgun to be added into Modern Warfare and Warzone's shared roster of weapons, and it has the potential to wipe out squads in the blink of an eye if you get close enough.

Key to this automatic shotgun, as with all shotguns in Warzone, is to maximise both its effective range and its magazine capacity, to help deal with the larger health pools of armoured Warzone players. Jake has put together a guide on the Best JAK loadout in Warzone we've found so far, so be sure to check that out. Key to our setup is the LongShot Adverse barrel, which gives you the extreme fire rate of the Adverse but without sacrificing any range - particularly when combined with the ever-popular Monolithic Suppressor.

The Commando Foregrip gives us even greater control for nailing those long-range shots, while the Tac Laser and Sleight of Hand perk speed up the gun's low points into acceptable territory.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. This loadout will allow you to maintain stealth against most digital surveillance while hiding the skulls of targets you kill. As a added bonus, it also prevents you from getting blasted back to respawn by random explosives in the smaller maps of multiplayer.

This loadout will allow you to carry 2 explosives and a Snapshot grenade so you can deal burst damage and recon for yourself.

Thanks to Restock perk, all used items will regenerate. Do not be shy to throw in another grenade and use your Snapshot grenade whenever the cooldown's up! This build contains everything you need to start learning the ropes of being a deadly rifleman. A versatile and easy to use rifle? A perk to boost your mobility and grenades? You will also be able to control the flow of the fight via killstreaks! All you need to do is reach a maximum of Rank 13 to fully assemble the loadout.

This can be done in approximately 90 minutes of multiplayer gameplay. Renetti is a very easy to use handgun introduced in Season 3. It possesses good handling and control so swap it out once you unlocked it while progressing the season 3 battle pass.

Throw a Molotov when in doubt! The Shrapnel perk lets you carry 2 lethal equipment, allowing you to use them more freely. Throw Molotovs at objectives or through windows to damage unsuspecting enemies! Hardline Perk reduces the killstreak cost by 1, meaning you will get Personal Radar fast with 2 kills, and a UAV with 3 kills.

They will give enemy positions to you on the minimap, helping you and the whole team! This loadout increases your flexibility thanks to the Overkill perk which lets you equip 2 primary weapons.


The M4A1 or PKM weapons can get you easy kills in mid range, while switching to the MP5 turns you into a deadly close quarters soldier. This build is especially useful when fighting in enclosed spaces. Other than using MP5 submachine gun to clear rooms, you can lock down corridors with the suppressive prowess of a mounted PKM, or an assault rifle. Thanks to the low unlock level, the items in this loadout are relatively easy to obtain and use in the build.

You will be able to gain an advantage against other players early on in multiplayer! You can cover your rear when moving with the claymore, while being resistant to explosives used trying to flush you out.

This kit takes advantage of the FAL's power when used from mid to long distances. It also compensates the AR's weakness by loading out an MP7 for close encounters.

The AN boasts an incredibly low recoil when fired in bursts. Take advantage of this weapon's trait by landing precise hits and maintaining your distance. Use the smoke for cover or to mount an assault against the enemies. Since your focus will be on objectives instead of KD, you'll likely get more points from this other than killstreaks due to the inherent danger of being a breacher.

Playing objectives will net more points however, so Pointman is chosen for this build. With 2 frags and a stun grenade, you can suppress an objective long enough to get close and personal with your shotgun.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

cod mw mp5 loadout reddit

Depending on weapon unlock level, you may need to firstly level up to unlock the weapon. These perks find great usage when battling in both urban and open areas. The Tracker Perk allows you to see enemy footprints, giving you and your team important intel on the whereabouts of the enemy. Make good use of this perk and decide whether to attack or escape.

This build concentrates on enhancing the MP5's already impressive Mobility stat. With additional attachments, you can quickly zoom past buildings and open fields. Despite having most of its attachments directly buffing up Mobility, this MP5 loadout also boasts decent accuracy when fired in either ADS or without aiming.

This loadout works great with a suppressed MP5. Combine this with the Ghost and Cold-Blooded perks and you'll be a stealthy killing machine. While they do reduce the fire rate a bit, these magazines make up for it with increased range and damage. The Suppressor and the MP5 go well together as you can move fast and hit hard without making any noise.

With other attachments, you can further increase Mobility, giving you less time to catch up and hit targets or objectives. With this build you can do both hip-fire and ADS shooting without any problems. Just make sure to use perks that complement your silenced weapon such as Ghost and Cold-Blooded to get closer for hip-fire.

Even with your trigger firmly pressed on the trigger, you can still expect to land successful hits with the MP5. The MP5 can also help you in mid-range fights due to its high accuracy and control, allowing you to maintain a bead on your enemy even as you continue to move. A new melee weapon: Butterfly Knife is also coming soon as part of the Season 6 Update later on. Run down to these stations and fight off the competition to get a ride to other stations! These 2 Allegiance operators will become available once you purchase the Season 6 Battle Pass.

Bunkers around Verdansk can be still found and entered. What secrets do they contain inside?


Better weapons? Or death traps to those that try to open them? To crack in a bunker, you'll need a Red Keycard mostly found in Legendary Crates.

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You can also loot them from dead players that have them, making it a interesting turn of events if you do find one. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.

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Call Of Duty Official Page. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Warzone Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Tweet Share. Warzone Best Weapons Best Loadouts.Most would argue that the MP5 is still the weapon to beat in that class, as its versatility and agility make it exceptional in close-range encounters, while it also has enough accuracy and power to beam enemies at medium range, which is always a commodity when it comes to SMGs.

Each of these loadouts have their own sets of attachments, secondaries, perks, lethals, and tacticals. All of the attachments were chosen with the purpose of maximizing mobility, with the 10mm Auto Round Mags added in there for an extra boost to damage. This does mean, of course, that other statistics had to be sacrificed, which in this case were range, fire rate, and control.

However, none of those three things are needed if you plan to run around and take down everyone at close range. As for the rest of the class, the Combat Knife is an excellent secondary because it increases your movement speed while having it out, which is also why Double Time has been chosen as one of the perks. Stim is also useful to have because you will be able to use it twice a life to quickly regenerate your health, which could be crucial for getting into gunfights in quick succession.

The M19 Pistol is a good secondary weapon in this case since it offers really good control and fire rate. This loadout combines the best of both worlds for those who want might not be strictly dedicated to rushing around or playing slow and longer range.

Maintaining the theme of balance, you can go with either the X16 or handguns, as they both offer versatility in terms of range and accuracy. With the MP5 being such a good weapon in Modern Warfare, it came as no surprise when it instantly became part of the main meta used by competitive players.

cod mw mp5 loadout reddit

However, his version does put a little more priority on accuracy while not having as much of an increase in range. Because there is no pick class system, you can max out the number of attachments you put on both weapons, meaning you can have two fully decked-out primary weapons in a single class. With how good the MP5 is, using Overkill opens the door to a variety of options.

You can use the run-and-gun version of the weapon with a stacked M4A1 as the secondary, pairing up the two best guns in their respective classes. If you want to cover extremely long-range gunfights, you can pair a balanced MP5 loadout with a sniper rifle or Marksman rifle, allowing you to be able to engage and virtually all distances.

Now, load back into the game, set up and use these classes in some multiplayer matches, and let us know what you think! Everything you need to know about this tournament can be found below, including the official live-stream, schedule, confirmed players, and more.

The tournament is slated to be composed of 16 duo teams, which means there will be a total of 32 players competing. BoomTV have not confirmed all of the competitors just yet, but the ones that have been announced are listed below:. Although their teams have not been revealed yet, Boom have confirmed that top Warzone content creators HusKerrs and TeeP will also be participating. All 16 duos begin in the winners bracket and, upon their first loss, drop down to the losers bracket, where another loss eliminates them completely.

Once both brackets are completely played out, the team that makes it out of winners plays the duo out of losers, with the former getting an advantage in the Grand Final on the virtue of winning the upper bracket.In matches affected by adverse weather bets will be governed by the official competition rules with the following exception: if a match is decided on either a bowl out or the toss of a coin then all bets will be void.

Where no price is quoted for the tie and the official competition rules do not determine a winner then Dead-Heat rules will apply, in competitions where a bowl out or super over determines a winner then bets will be settled on the official result. The result of a match is a tie when the scores are equal at the conclusion of play, but only if the side batting last has completed its innings (i.

If a match is abandoned due to outside interference then bets will be void unless a winner is declared based on the official competition rules.

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In the event of a change of opponent from the one advertised then all bets for that match are void. If a match is cancelled then all bets will be void if it is not replayed within 36 hours of its advertised start time.

Bets void if the designated number of matches changes, unless settlement of bets is already determined. If a series is drawn and no draw option is offered, bets will be void. Bets stand unless either of the listed players do not open the batting, then all bets are void.

Bets stand, regardless of which of the listed players faces the 1st ball. If neither player reaches 10 runs then the option Neither is the winner. In weather affected matches, if neither of the batsmen reaches 10 runs and either are Not-Out then bets void. If neither of the batsmen reaches 10 runs and both are Out then Neither is the winning option.

The handicap is added at the end of the match.

cod mw mp5 loadout reddit

If the team batting first wins or ties the match then Runs Handicap will be used for settlement purposes. If team batting second wins the match then Wickets Handicap will be used for settlement purposes.

5 Best MP5 SMG classes & loadouts in Modern Warfare for all play-styles

If a match is abandoned due to outside interference then bets will be void. If the match is affected by weather or any other delay and overs are reduced in either innings then all bets will be void.

Bets placed on any player not in the starting 11 or nominated as the designated substitute 12th man are void. Bets on players who are selected but do not bat or field will be settled as losers.

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The following number of minimum overs must be bowled unless All Out or match has been completed, otherwise bets void. If no bowler takes a wicket, all bets will be void. Twenty20 Cup matches bets will be void if the number of overs is reduced by 3 or more from that scheduled when the bets were struck unless settlement of bets is already determined.

In matches of 10 overs or less, bets will be void if the entire innings is not completed, unless settlement of bets is already determined. For this market only please note that any penalty runs added to a team total because of a slow over rate by the bowling team will not count for settlement purposes. Predict the team which will make the lowest score. A team must be all out or complete all 50 overs for the score to count.

Best Warzone loadouts and top class setups

If the selected number of overs is not complete due to external factors then bets will be void, unless settlement of bet is already determined. If the natural length of the innings is less than the selected number of overs (e. Settlement is determined by the number of wickets lost by the time a specific score is reached.

If a team declares or reaches their target then the wickets lost at that time will be the result of the market. Bets will stand on the official result provided at least one ball has been bowled.While Bernie Sanders is technically still running, Donald Trump v. This lead may be surprisingly small to some people (Democrats) or surprisingly large to others (believers in fundamental models).

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cod mw mp5 loadout reddit

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