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To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, you can click on the tab add books to this list and then choose from your books, or simply search. Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Sylvia Day Goodreads Author. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book.

Refresh and try again. Christina Lauren Goodreads Author. Jodi Ellen Malpas Goodreads Author. Jennifer Probst Goodreads Author. James Goodreads Author. Lizzy Grey Goodreads Author. Jasinda Wilder Goodreads Author. Lilley Goodreads Author. Whitney G. Goodreads Author. Kenner Goodreads Author. Meredith Wild Goodreads Author. Vi Keeland Goodreads Author. Bromberg Goodreads Author.Mine to fuck. Mine to please.

And mine to love! But with the struggles of growing up, the hounds of paparazzi documenting their life, and the impending marriage proposal, she left him. Only to come back with a new life. Thank you for reading Dark and Laurene's story.

Stitch 0. Eryna Serene 0. Rubielyn Domingo Bucayong Ponteras 0. A one night stand : For someone like Catalina, that wouldn't ever happen. Not for a million years. But after getting her heart broken in her long-term relationship, she realizes that she needed to step up her game and upgrade everything about herself. Including her looks.

After having that one night stand with the billionaire Mateo Paiz, she had no choice but to work with him. Even if it means to be his personal assistant. I win. You lose. He ruled with an iron fist, a steady head and a balanced emotion.

He was perfect in everything except for one. He had issues with the opposite sex. Since a child, he hated women. He never liked them and always avoided them. However, what if a woman suddenly materialized on his bed just as he was about to sleep? How could he avoid her then? It is not fancy at all,' he continued after he sat down coolly inches away from me. My breathing accelerated. He leaned again and whispered close to my ear, 'I however do worse than that. Sweet, delicious revenge.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, she aims to show to her mother that she can take over the business flawlessly. And yes, everything was going fine.To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. To vote on books not in the list or books you couldn't find in the list, you can click on the tab add books to this list and then choose from your books, or simply search.

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28 Steamy Billionaire Romance Books

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Romance that involves the mafia, the syndicate, the mob etc. These are the baddest of bad boys. Darhower Goodreads Author. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Best Mafia/Mob Romance Books

Jamie McGuire Goodreads Author. Julie Hockley Goodreads Author. Cora Reilly Goodreads Author. Roberts Goodreads Author. Renee Rose Goodreads Author.

Sarah Brianne Goodreads Author. Tijan Goodreads Author. Redmerski Goodreads Author. Belle Aurora Goodreads Author. Kristen Ashley Goodreads Author.

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Simone Elkeles Goodreads Author. Karina Halle Goodreads Author. Rachel Van Dyken Goodreads Author. Jennifer Loren Goodreads Author. Bethany-Kris Goodreads Author. Montes Goodreads Author. Sienna Mynx.Series: Dirty Billionaire 1.

I hiss under my breath as I stare at the headline—and the compromising picture accompanying it—splashed in vivid color across the front page of the gossip rag displayed prominently in the checkout line at my supermarket. The edges of the paper crumple in my sweaty grip, and I fight the urge to tear it to shreds, along with every copy sitting on the rack in front of me. One year, they said.

You sign on the dotted line. What happens when they finally catch JC with a guy? His habit of swinging both ways, but preferring men to women, is about to become the worst-kept secret in Nashville.

So this situation with JC needs to get settled before things spiral further out of control. Tugging the bill of my trucker hat lower, I glance around to see if anyone has noticed me flipping out in the checkout line. That cluck of her tongue was aimed at me, not the toothless, blue-eyed, smiling baby.

Surprisingly, though, the expression on her face is sympathetic, not angry. I smile weakly, and she continues. Probably Photoshopped. Snapping my gaze back to her, I read recognition all over her face, despite my hat, glasses, complete lack of makeup, and relatively low level of fame.

dark billionaire romance novels read online

I force a smile onto my face, but it feels awkward and fake. She nods and gestures to the half dozen bottles of wine in her cart. Vent to a perfect stranger I met in the grocery store? That would be insane, not to mention dangerous. I already used up strike one the first time a picture of JC hit the papers.

Their response? You only get one shot at your dream. Which brings me back to the gossip rag and the woman in front of me.

dark billionaire romance novels read online

An awkward silence stretches between us in the checkout line as all the scenarios swirl through my brain of how I can reply to her. Too risky. My gaze darts from the giant diamond to her face. Studying her makeup-free features, it finally hits me.

Rich/Successful/Billionaire/Millionaire Erotic Romance #1

Tana Vines was the Female Country Artist of the Year about ten years back, and her husband was awarded Entertainer of the Year at least four or five times during that time.We live in a capitalist society. There, I said it. Also love. And billionaire romance books tend to weave all three of these elements together in one swoon-inducing story.

So for all the romance readers who like reading about big bank accounts, luxurious modes of transportation, and a likely dash of emotional unavailability, here are 28 billionaire romance books, with a few millionaires that may have snuck in.

When twenty-four year old Eva meets billionaire Gideon in the lobby of her office building, they both feel instantly attracted to each other. Both must recon with their abusive pasts to give their love a chance of turning into a healthy relationship. An ambitious assistant and her billionaire boss try and thankfully fail to ignore the chemistry between them in this office romance.

A former soldier, current billionaire adds an unusual clause to his proposal to buy a failing company.

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A heart-melting, own voices romance between a trans male art student and an older genderqueer billionaire. Three billionaire bachelors make a bet about who can find a woman to love them for more than their money. Nathan thinks he may have won the bet and found the woman of his heart in his new assistant, Chloe. Shaira, a Pakistani single mother living in Lahore, tries to put her abusive marriage behind her and provide for her son by agreeing to a marriage in name only to Hussain, a wealthy widower with a meddling, matchmaking mother and young daughter.

CEO Lucas Marks is shocked when his beautiful waitress turns him down. She has dreams of becoming an interior designer. Spoiler alert: no. No list of billionaire romance books would be complete without the BDSM tale of the the young millionaire Christian Grey falling for literature student Ana Steele.

The books have been mocked, derided, and demonized. But I and over a hundred million other readers enjoyed the sexy story, so back off haters! Alayna Wither is a recent MBA grade determined to avoid any men who might trigger her obsessive love disorder. Attraction brings them together. But their shared tragic pasts will either tear them apart or bind them more closely together than either ever imagined.

The romance between a billionaire hacker and new college graduate seeking funding for her internet start-up. This billionaire romance book flips the trope on its head, with a female billionaire becoming entangled with Jason, her newest hire, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday. Chelsea Grant is one job away from putting her unstable childhood behind her and getting the promotion of her dreams at the PR firm where she works. He suggests a marriage in name only to solve both problems—one of the oldest romance tropes in the book!

A construction tycoon tries to convince a cynical magazine columnist that their one night stand could turn into something more. When a London businessman buys a nude portrait of an American grad student abroad and part-time model, he resolves to bring her into his life and his bed as a submissive. This futuristic romance, written under a pen name for romance queen Nora Robertstakes us to New York City in But soon, she finds herself falling for her number one suspect, an influential billionaire named Roarke.

A single mother is determined to find a rich husband to give her son a better life. A hotel magnate, hiding his wealth behind a cowboy hat, offers to help the waitress find the husband of her dreams while trying to figure out his own feelings. She just wants to work until she can afford a ticket home to America. It has nothing to do with his rugged good looks, kindness to horses, or incredibly kissable lips. A former soldier decides to fight the corruption of a powerful senator by kidnapping his daughter.But unknown to them--and the women he beds--he's just playing a role.

Keeping the spotlight on himself keeps it off the family business. And if this lethal shadow rider can't hunt in the dark, he'll find his pleasure elsewhere Sasha Provis grew up on a Wyoming ranch and thought she knew how to protect herself from predators. But in the nightclub where she works, she's fair game--until one of the owners steps in to protect her.

Giovanni is gorgeous. He's dangerous. And his every touch takes her breath away. The devil at her heels may have finally met its match Published: Alexandria Houton will sacrifice anything—even her life—to protect her orphaned little brother. But when both encounter unspeakable evil in the swirling San Francisco mists, Alex can only cry to heaven for their deliverance. And out of the darkness swoops Aidan Savage, a golden being more powerful and more mysterious than any other creature of the night.

The ageless Carpathian male snatches them from a hideous fate. But is Aidan a miracle.

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Is he Alex's salvation. If she surrenders to Aidan's savage, unearthly seduction and gives him the color, the light, the family he craves, will Alex truly save her brother.

28 Steamy Billionaire Romance Books

And there's no one more up to the task than Gino Mazza. He's the perfect killing machine--a man driven by demons so dark and destructive that his blighted soul has given up trying to find solace. But his laser-sharp focus on his target has transformed into something nearing desire.

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A treasonous senator dangled top secret GhostWalker data in front of a Chinese crime lord, and he bit. Zara Hightower, one of the world's leading experts on artificial intelligence, was sent in to psychically wipe the crime lord's computer network.

dark billionaire romance novels read online

She succeeded, but at a huge cost. Now she's the captive of a man who has descended into paranoid madness. Torture and death await her But GhostWalkers never leave one of their own in enemy territory. And it's up to Gino to save Zara, or kill her if it turns out she's led them into a trap. Either way, heaven or hell won't stop him Trained by the Special Forces, honed by a traumatic childhood, she is a policewoman with an undisputed reputation.

She meets her match when she is set up to be murdered by an enemy. Hunted on all sides, she can only turn to the mysterious stranger who seems more dangerous than any other she has ever known. He ran with the wolves…Materialized from the mists…Hijacked the very heavens to his whims…. Even the wind seems to whisper her name - a reverie so powerfully suggestive that it carries the curious Damon to Sarah's clifftop home, and seeks to shelter him there.

But Damon has not arrived alone. Two men have tracked him to Sea Haven, and into the shadows of Drake House, where Sarah hides her own secrets.

And danger- as well as a desire more urgent than either has ever known- is just a whisper away She rebuilt her life without him, becoming a personal trainer and physical therapist After a thousand years in a gray world, he has accomplished everything he set out to do.

His brothers are safeguarded, and each has a woman who completes them.She hasn't seen him in ten years, and they are both going to learn the truth of what happened back then. Jasmine grew up wealthy and oblivious to the destruction her father caused all around him. Derek was from the wrong side of the tracks.

dark billionaire romance novels read online

In ten years their lives will be reversed. Derek comes seeking revenge and instead finds out he has a half grown son and the woman he's been angry with for so many years is not who he thought she was. They both fight against the passion they still feel for each other, but in the end it is irresistible.

Come take the journey with Derek and Jasmine as they rediscover a passion that never died and the lies that kept them apart.

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Top novels. From Blood and Ash. Jennifer L. Sins of Sevin. Penelope Ward. Stepbrother Dearest. To Kill a Mockingbird. Never Never. Tarryn Fisher. Dark Matter. Prince of Wolves.

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