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Ford and other automakers changed production schedules for transmissions in the year The standard transmissions used in many vehicles up to this period were now outdated. The automatic technology developed by Ford introduced the first overdrive transmission in four-speed builds to car buyers.

This AOD edition provided the foundation for the later development in the s when the 4R70W was introduced. This PreownedTransmissions. The electronic transmission control modules developed by Ford in the s improved the shifting in units like the 4R70W. The famed four-speed units produced by Ford were used in trucks and luxury vehicles as upgraded technology.

These rear-wheel drive automatic assemblies are priced low on this resource to offer a buyer a cost saving method of buying a transmission. One advantage to many automatic transmissions is the placement of the torque converter to help provide reliability.

These units are not found in the early Ford Motor Company transmissions in manual builds. The 4R70W torque converter is enabled on all of the transmissions distributed from the Preowned Transmissions company.

This does not affect the sale price and is one additional advantage that buyers have in the U. Many independent transmission retailers do not include complete transmissions that offer torque converters. The inventory featured through this resource is complete for all purchases. Apart from the attached torque converter, every transmission found using this used resource online includes complete warranty programs. This is extra protection that is available due to the expiration of many parts on placement transmissions.

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The verifications that are completed before any transmission leaves the company warehouse proves the quality upon delivery. Every used automatic Ford Motor Company transmission for sale here receives the benefit of the two and three-year warranty plans supplied. Every buyer considering a purchase through this resource receives more than a peace of mind.

Quotes for used transmissions found through this resource are simple to acquire online. The tools available using this PreownedTransmissions.

The quotes are always accurate and designed to impress buyers who are able to find local salvage companies, junkyards or other second hand resources.

ford 4r70w transmission for sale

The price quotations offered on this page are acquired using the tools for quotes distribution. A toll-free telephone number is supplied as an optional method of acquiring pricing from this resource. Buyers not taking advantage of the research options provided here can dial the toll-free telephone and speak directly to helpful associates.The 4R70W is a Ford automatic overdrive transmission. It is fully computerized with a lock-up torque converter.

After being introduced in the AOD went through constant redesigns and upgrades for almost 15 years before the 4R70W was introduced. The 4R70W is very reliable and offers seamless shifting. The internal integrity has been raised to above standard performance levels and lifespan, making it suitable for most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles up to the F Ford pickup trucks.

During their production run, it was the most popular Ford transmission on the market. At this point in time if you are here looking for a 4R70W transmission to replace a worn out one, one of the best options is a low mileage used transmission.

For those on a budget and looking for a terrific value, consider one of our good used transmissions.

Heavy Duty 4R70W Transmission

For those of you who wish for a rebuilt or remanufactured unit, perhaps this is the most reliable no miss option for you. Our transmissions are unparalleled in construction and are prepared by the finest technicians in the country. Only new parts are used being equal to, or better than factory original. To top it off, every rebuilt 4R70W has been upgraded in full.

The bottom line is that we offer value in any replacement transmission you choose. Simply put, no one can compete with the uncompromising detail to each and every 4R or every transmission that leaves here.

We find it mutually beneficial for the customer and our company to stick to these guidelines. Another top priority its to ship your fresh transmission out as fast as possible. We understand that getting back on the road fast is always a priority. A positive experience and excellent customer service is included in every sale. It does not have to be a confusing nightmare. The bottom line is that if you suspect a transmission failure or have a confirmed transmission failure by a professionalallow us to show you our entire line of replacement transmissions and help you determine which variant serves your purposes best.

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Ford 4R70W Performance Transmission Level 2

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Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format. All Listings. Buy It Now. Item Location. Canada Only. North America. Delivery Options. Free International Shipping. Free In-store Pickup.

Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller.Buy used Ford transmission from our network that offers up to a two-year warranty on qualified units!

We carry a wide-ranging catalog of used Ford transmissions for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Buy your used Ford transmissions from us and save time and money. Purchase from us and get an industry leading warranty on used engines and transmissions. Our used engines, transmissions, Rear Axle, Transfer Case Assembly, and Suspension Cross Member K Frame are covered under a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, included for free! Search your perfect used engine and used transmission on our website or in the catalog and if you can't find it then give us a call and we will find perfect used engine and used transmission for you.

You will be surprised at the prices we quote, as we have a very large network of salvage yards in US. Select Year.

Select Engine Size. Search Transmission. Description : Automatic Transmission Ford Mustang. Fits : Automatic Transmission; 6 speed3. Stock Number : TCM. More Information. Fits : Automatic Transmission; 6 speed5. Stock Number : TCL. Description : Transmission Assembly Ford Explorer. Fits : 3. Stock Number : TCK. Description : Automatic Transmission Ford Flex. Stock Number : TCG. Fits : Automatic Transmission, 8 Cyl, cid 5.

Description : Automatic Transmission Ford Taurus. Fits : Automatic Transmission; 6 Speed3. Description : Automatic Transmission Ford Expedition. You will be surprised at the prices we quote, as we have a very large network of salvage yards in US To find the best quality used engines and used transmission or submit inquiry from.The 4R70W is a Ford transmission, and generally considered an evolution to the AODE, a transmission that it is often interchanged with. Since then, improvements in technology and stringent regulations improving fuel efficiency and air quality have demanded better and better transmissions, while still providing opportunities for top notch performance, even if only through a few modifications.

It was around the 70s that automobile manufacturers started coming out with better, more fuel-efficient cars. These sacrificed some of the performance and speed of the gas-guzzling large-displacement carbureted V8 models of the past, in exchange for the ability to go long and fast at a much lower cost. It was around then that Ford first produced the AOD, its 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission, in The AOD was new, for sure, but mostly incorporated old designs.

In comes the AODE. It featured a completely revamped valve body, torque controller, front pump assembly, and a single input shaft rather than the primary and intermediate shafts of the AOD. Byan updated version of the AODE hit the market with a different name, although these two transmissions are mostly interchangeable.

The same goes for cars with the AODE in the 90s. The only time you might want to switch for the 4R70W is if you can afford it, and if you need the improvements.

Despite a thicker and improved valve body, the electronic AODs also come with a lighter case, built with aluminum rather than steel, improving weight and thus performance and fuel efficiency. The 4R70W is a good transmission, but it has its pros and cons. For one, it has a much better and improved overdrive band. Despite being a newer transmission and having a completely different case, the 4R70W is still compatible with a vast number of Ford vehicles without too much reworking or adaptation.

ford 4r70w transmission for sale

You can easily retrofit it into many classic muscle cars, giving older vehicles a much-needed boost in both efficiency and performance. However, as powerful as it is, be careful not to overload this transmission. That, and as with any other transmission, you still need to maintain it regularly. Still, for all its merits and the improvements made upon the 4R70W after decades spent on feedback from the AOD and AODE, there are still flaws in the transmission that must be addressed through aftermarket improvements.

A specialist in Ford transmissions can set you up with an improved 4R70W, with as much as hp, an improved torque controller, a much-needed improved cooler with a better GVW of 30, and countless reinforcements to improve durability, maximize performance in the long-run, and prevent some of the faults that eventually lead to complete transmission breakdowns in the future.

Examples include an improved carbon fiber overdrive band, new pump assembly, higher capacity clutch, updated solenoids for better electronic functionality, and more. Be sure to only work with specialists who guarantee the quality of their transmission, and do their best to test the integrity of their work every time. GearStar Performance Transmission N. No Comments. Quick Overview of Ford 4R70W Transmissons It was around the 70s that automobile manufacturers started coming out with better, more fuel-efficient cars.

Specs on the 4R70W Byan updated version of the AODE hit the market with a different name, although these two transmissions are mostly interchangeable. So, Which Is Better? A Diamond in the Rough Still, for all its merits and the improvements made upon the 4R70W after decades spent on feedback from the AOD and AODE, there are still flaws in the transmission that must be addressed through aftermarket improvements.

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ford 4r70w transmission for sale

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